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Being the dynamic, ever-evolving company that we are, we’re always looking to bolster our ranks and welcome new people on board. Whether it being office based or out and about, why not apply to join the team and jump on board our journey! Our employee stories will allow you to get to know the team as well as obtaining a further insight on what it’s really like to work for DriveSense!

Tom Wyatt
Tom WyattKey Account Manager
I’m a Key Account Manager for DriveSense, part of the Osbourne Purdie Group. I have been with the company for 4 years, joining back in 2018 after graduating from Portsmouth University. This has been my first job within the automotive industry and I’ve enjoyed every minute working here.

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John Marie
John MarieDriveSense Instructor
Hi, i’m John and I am a fully qualified ADI (Advanced Driving Instructor) and Fleet trainer. I am very passionate about my chosen profession and I aspire to create a relaxed, calm learning environment for DriveSense clientele. I have been part of the DriveSense Training Team for over 7 years and I cannot fault the way they operate. I have since become a lead trainer within the company.

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Orfana Manzoor
Orfana ManzoorDriveSense Instructor
My name is Orfana Manzoor. I am a mother of three children and live in Birmingham. I qualified as an ADI in 2008. I earned my fleet driver training certificate because I felt I needed more from my work as a Driver Trainer. I joined the DriveSense team after I was qualified. DriveSense is a multi-award-winning company that promotes complete legal compliance, lower fleet operating costs, and a positive, safe driving culture.

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Simon Davies
Simon DaviesDriveSense Instructor
As a child it would be fair to say I didn’t dream of being in the driver training industry. It has been almost 30 years and as most Fleet Trainers start with the inaugural teaching of learner drivers after time I found my self looking for other opportunities.

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Jo Ellis
Jo EllisDriveSense Instructor
I heard about DriveSense from a friend who did some work for ProDrivers, then I saw a post about needing trainers so I had no hesitation in applying. The selection day was great – it was a chance to learn about the company and it’s ethos, meet the Account Managers I would be working with as well as some of the other trainers and specialist drivers.

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Steve Cooper
Steve CooperDriveSense Instructor
2009, my first job for DriveSense. I had been a qualified ADI for 4 years. My girlfriend was already working for DriveSense. She got a phone call asking if she could cover an Energy Saving Trust (EST) Eco Safe course for TFL (Transport for London). She couldn’t do it as she was doing another course for DriveSense. She was asked if she knew anyone that would be able to take the session and luckily she recommended me! That first job, what a baptism of fire!

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