DriveSense ECO – Driving towards a sustainable future

Like a superhero coming out of the shadows, DriveSense are excited and proud to be releasing our new initiative, DriveSense-ECO.

This project comprises two initial products, both professionally designed to assist your business. We have spent numerous hours and days working with driving instructors, driving professionals and energy saving experts, to fuse their expertise with ours, in unlocking participants thinking and ensuring they make a conscious choice to perform well.

In doing so, we have designed the perfect learning sessions.

Driving Into The Future

It is often difficult and quite daunting to change from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to full EV. The way in which these two very differently designed vehicles are driven can differ, in line with the different propulsion mechanisms, components and key features of the vehicle. These sessions are designed to ensure your drivers are comfortable with the EV vehicle, it’s capabilities, it’s operation and it’s key features, that help them to get the best from it. We also ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge to be able to drive the EV in a way that performance and efficiency are both maximised.

These sessions will facilitate the rather big jump from driving ICE vehicles to fully Electric or PHEV’s.

The session includes:

  • Introduction to EV and vehicle checks
  • Basic familiarisation with the vehicle (Start up, gear selection, regenerative braking, acceleration speed and torque)
  • How to check the charge level
  • Q & A on the participants perception of EV’s currently (there are a lot of incorrect beliefs around)
  • 2 measured driving loops, in which both efficiency (kWH) and time taken (average mph) are measured
  • Demo drive
  • Charging network, using vehicle apps, Zapmap, charging apps, timers, and charging speeds
  • Debrief
  • Driver Development plan (only in Advanced Session)

Driving Towards Carbon Zero

DriveSense has been delivering this type of training for many years (and as such, we have become really good at it!) Although the rise of EVs is exciting to us, we also believe that it is just as important that we all contribute positively to the environment in the present day. This product focuses on how we can drive our current ICE vehicles as cleanly and efficiently as possible, and involves highly knowledgeable instructors that bring skill and the ability to convey this to others, to maximise efficient driving.

This session includes:

  • Introduction and vehicle checks
  • 2 measured driving loops, in which both efficiency (mpg) and time taken (average mph) are measured
  • Demo drive
  • Tips, sharing insider knowledge and enhancing skills in reducing fuel consumption, whilst maintaining or even improving journey time

1 million tonnes of CO2 is equivalent to

214,133 passenger vehicles taken off the road for 1 year

107,980 homes powered emission free for 1 year

Preventing 107,976 flatulent cows from producing methane for a year

208 wind turbines running for a year

6,837 acres of forest preserved


We truly hope that you will jump on board with us and ensure we collectively meet these targets, and create a cleaner and more sustainable world together!