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We are a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious organisation that provides Driver Training as part of a comprehensive solution to help mitigate the risk of your fleet.

Whether your objective is to save money, save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions, or begin to incorporate EVs (Electric Vehicles) or Hybrids into your fleet…

We are the driver training provider for you!

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Fleet training, whether In-Vehicle or online as you know, is an absolute must. Within the business sector, Driver Training is frequently reduced to a ‘check box’ exercise.

DriveSense makes Driver Training an enjoyable and worthwhile activity and provides easy-to-understand reporting so you as the consumer can really see the difference professional Driver Training makes for your business.

As you browse our website, you’ll gain a better understanding of what we offer in relation to Eco Driving, Driver Training, Defensive Driving Techniques, Online Risk Assessment, E-learning modules and License checking. Professional Driver Training reduces vehicle emissions as well as benefiting your business with cost savings from reduced wear and tear, fuel consumption, vehicle accidents and repairs.

For businesses that are positive, forward thinking and environmentally minded. Our DriveSenseECO In Vehicle Training sessions will help to ensure that your business is doing its part to help improve the world we live in. The campaign consists of two products, both designed by fleet trained ADIs and Energy Saving Experts to help businesses reach their environmental targets. In addition, you would also be part of an increasingly growing campaign to save 1 million tonnes of CO2!

Ready to join us as part of our new DriveSenseECO campaign? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Looking to introduce more EVs into your fleet? Get in touch with our administration team today and become part of the mission!

See how much DriveSense can save you.

To really see what DriveSense can do for your business, why not try out our ROI calculator? Based on our proven average of 17% MPG improvement, our ROI can show you just how much you could be saving annually just on fuel! Simply insert your fleet data and let us do the rest.

*CO2 saving is based on our average 17% improvement on fuel efficiency per participant.

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